The Meaning of Graceful Persistence

She sat in the corner of the room with tears streaming down her face. Words came out that no one ever expected to hear. Her words told stories of abuse, sickness, depression, heart-ache and self-hatred. Another girl danced in circles in the middle of the room, seemingly oblivious to the pain that was diagonal to her. Pure, untarnished laughter poured from her lips. Giggles. Innocence- when in a moment their eyes met for the first time. Joyfulness met sadness and they became comrades. Together, they called themselves Peace. Neither of their lives were ever the same.

Jesus can bring joy to our hearts even through our suffering. He uses friends, strangers, and unsuspecting neighbors. The key is to open our eyes and see the people around us. See the need. Connect to the human housed in flesh even when that flesh does not match what we think it should.

Welcome to the very first posting of my blog, Graceful Persistence. What does Graceful Persistence mean and how is it relevant, you may be wondering. Well, it started as a screen name I had many years ago as I aimed to gracefully persist through life even in the tough times. I recall blubbering on the floor, saying stupid things, succumbing to peer pressure, clicking send impulsively, being filled with regret, and further hurting people by desperately trying to pick up the pieces of what I had done. I was not very graceful most of the time! (And still am not) Though it was quite persistent! I’ll return to the meaning of Graceful Persistence later on.

After years of wanting to write and dabbling with writing blogs, novels, and nonfiction, I’ve decided to formally start a publication where I take my passion for writing, the Bible, and mentoring youth and put them together. In Graceful Persistence, I will regularly share experiences as well as insights on life and scripture that I find valuable and maybe even helpful for those who come across my page.

Feel free to share my posts as a reblog, comment, or even send me a message on the contact page.

This blog is for anyone who finds the posts valuable; the audience who I think may find it most interesting are young women, as they are usually who I have in mind when crafting words simply because in writing and in life, I aspire to understand my own identity as a daughter of Christ and help younger women come to understand and embrace their identities as fellow daughters of Christ.

So back to the original question. What does Graceful Persistence mean to me these days? Remember the girl filled with sadness and heartache in the corner of the room? And my antics? Not so graceful. We are not always graceful or persistent as we journey through life. But there is someone who is always both. Graceful Persistence reflects the nature of God in His pursuit of us. We are hopeless, helpless, lost sinners stumbling through life, but Jesus Christ never gives up hope, never stops extending his helping hand, and is ever faithful to save when we reach back to Him. He is steady and unchanging. He is loyal and unwavering. He is always and forever graceful in His persistent pursuit of you and me.

This blog title is to remind us all that no matter what our circumstances, successes, or screw ups, He is Graceful Persistence even when we are not. And that my friends is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for reading my first blog post!

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